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Speakers from our last event

Mike Smith

Mike's Bio

On one side of his life, Mike is an architect who has been fortunate to work on a wide variety of award winning commissions, from university libraries to newspaper printing facilities and grade schools to puppet factories. On the other side he is an illustrator of dynamic images for both corporate and non-profit clients, as well as character designs for marketing purposes and character designs and the development of a children’s television show.  The majority of his energy is devoted to stories that travel to school with his kids each Friday.

Rachel Briggs

Rachel's Bio

Rachel Briggs is an illustrator and designer based in Nashville. Formerly art director and editorial designer at American Songwriter and Time Out Chicago magazines, her work has since appeared on album covers, show posters, music videos, beer cans and in publications from Brooklyn Arts Press, Third Man Books and more.

Colleen Quint

Colleen's Bio

Hello, my name is Colleen Quint. I am a book cover illustrator working in graphite and Photoshop. My passion is helping writers visualize their stories with illustrations that engage teen and young adult readers. Specific genres of focus include science fiction and fantasy. To visualize the fantastic, unseen, and legendary are my greatest sources of inspiration. I believe each artist has a voice unlike any other. Within each voice resides the powerful potential to influence thought and heart. What a privilege to engage the world in such a way!

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